No 1 Bio


I was born in the capital of Turkey at 1980, Ankara where my parents met and produced me there. When I was 1-year-old I was carried to Izmir as my family moved there. I finished primary, secondary and high school in Izmir. At secondary school I got educated English, in high school Electronics.

In 2002 I started Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (Textile and Fashion Design) and finished at 2006, I took extra lectures from Graphics, Painting and Photography departments. My graduation project was about upholstery print designs combining marbling(ebru) and Pollock.

I lived and worked for sometime in Germany, USA and Brazil beside Turkey.

No 2 Experience

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I have various experiences in leading companies as graphics for offline, printed platforms, and web(UI/UX) for online platforms, in sectors as : Fashion, IT, Printing, Decor Paper, Advertisement, Video-Animation-Presentation, Organization-Events

For nowadays I`m learning Unity and willing to develope a game

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I`m a trainer for EU youth events, project manager and writer

Click here for my jewellery project`s instagram : Gleamy

Natural, creative and psychedelic jewellery project

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